Being child in the middle of the war

“Yesterday ,I went to the school as a training teacher .It was the first day of Gazan children to go to school after the Israeli attacks . 

I opened the televisio

n ( fiction ) and let my students to imagine that the front of the class is a television and we were going to 
choose them one by one to appear in the television in an interview. Third grade students were saying that ” they werent afraid in 
the war and some said they were ,others try not to say anything but to keep silent!

My questions came as following :-

1-Hi , Nahla , what is your occupation ? and in your point of view what is the safest place in Gaza to be in when there is a war ?

Hi , Im a doctor ( she imagined herself as a doctor) , she said that the safest place in war is PARADISE . I couldnt comment …..

2-Hi ,Marah , Were you afraid during the war ?
No , I werent afraid .I feel that Im adpated with the feeling of death because it was happening everyday since I was born .Im 
strong …. .
3-Hi , Khadija , What is your occupation ?
Im a drawer
Did you draw anything in the war ?
yes , I drew my house falling upon us .
Did you draw martyrs ?
yes , lots and lots
4-Hi , Amal , What were you doing in the war ?
I was watching the television , the scenes of Martyrs all the time and especially the children
Did you expect yourself to die ?
Yes , I did .Israel targetted children randomly .
5-Hi , Sama , What happened with you ?
I was holding the arms of my mother all the time , I was so afraid even to go to the toilet .
What scenes affected you most ?
The scene of my neighbor who is child ” 3 year old ” was walking near his home , playing and quickly he was being targetted .
6- Maha was asking ,
Teacher , Nour ” did you see the photo of the drones how they photo the cars, the buildings then they targetted them ” ..
I say , yes .
After that we went to play , I distributed some sweets to them ,we eat , then keep palying ,the whole class sang .
Dear world ,Gazan children are strong and not terrorists .”

İşte böyle anlarda dünyanın keyfini çıkartanlardan uzaklaşmak istiyorum…
Kendimle meşgul olduğum anlar için utanıyorum.

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